This website contains adult themes and artistic, non-pornographic male nudity.   If you are not yet 18, please leave, eat right, exercise and grow up.

Hi, I'm NK and I want to welcome you to my little website, Gay Prison Pen Pal.  If it wasn't clear as you navigated your way here, I'm gay.  A gay prisoner.  A gay man, who is a published gay author of gay (and at times rather erotic) fiction.  A  homoerotic artist of questionable talent who renders the sublime nude male youthful physique in graphite and charcoal.  An ardent student of Homosexual Life Condition and Gay Men's Studies.  A gay boy at heart who looks to correspond with other gay men of similar interests and ambitions.  See the theme?  Gay.  A gay man looking for a gay pen pal.

Gay Prison Pen Pal 10

I stress this simply because I'm not looking for well-meaning yet misguided letters from those of the opposite sex who are searching for love from some behemoth of a man, laden with tattoos and who carries a shiv (prison speak for homemade knife) with him to the showers.  That said, I am a Gay Prison Pen Pal.Is also important that we get our proper footing so I want to set the scene properly:  I am not exactly a prisoner.  I was a (to use the vernacular, I'm an ex-convict) and now I'm a loon.  No, not one of those ridiculous birds who fly about and live On Golden Pond, but rather loon as in loony.  Stark-raving mad.  A nutter.  Three queens short of a full... well you get the picture.  I am surrounded by men who race about quite naked, screaming poorly constructed obscenities in incomplete sentences, and otherwise making a nuisance of themselves.

Okay, that's a bit harsh, but I'm playing to a captive audience here (pun intended if not entirely applicable).  I'm actually in what is often referred to as a Residential Treatment Center which, since I can't just walk out of here, is like a prison. This is not a psychiatric facility in the traditional sense, it's just fun calling it that... gets the eyebrows up when someone reads it.  You should have seen the expression on your face!  Priceless.

Essentially, I am in a rehabilitation center with a long-term consequence.  Not attractive, but not prison.  My goal here is two-fold.  I would like to make a personal connection with a gay man and hopefully develop a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.If you are a writer of gay-themed work and are interested in a constructive and thoughtful beta reader, go to my blog page and you can find more information there.The menu at the top will lead you to find out more.  If there is anything  of interest here, I really hope we can reach out and make a connection.  Thanks for for your time and the visit to the gay prison pen pal!