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Welcome, gay science fiction writers, artists, beta readers and web developers to The Falcor Project.  Some of you were invited, others have found me on various websites, and a few of you most likely stumbled in by accident.  No matter, I'm happy for your interest.  Now that you're here, it's all but certain you are asking yourself "What is The Falcor Project?"

I have thought long and hard on exactly how I might answer the question in a fairly succinct manner, but it's not been easy.  It's like trying to explain how the space shuttle gets it's funding, stays in orbit, and recycles water all in ten sentences or less.  Part of the problem is that what The Falcor Project is today will be somewhat different in the future.  It's a fluid concept, ready to evolve in an organic (yet controlled) way.  Here's what I've been able to come up with:

The best way to describe The Falcor Project is, essentially, fanfic (Fan Fiction) in reverse.  It is the intent of the project to rally writers, contributors and fans of science fiction to create the canon (precepts and rules of the world/universe) prior to writing a series of books.  Additionally, the saga of the core books will then be open to those who wish to create their own manuscripts, screenplays, novellas, poetry, art or what have you, based on the canon we collectively create.

Imagine getting in on the ground floor of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Ender's Game or the venerable Star Wars.  I am looking  for contributors to just what our universe might look like some  eleven-hundred years in the future.  And, once we have that in place I would like to write a saga, a series of books around that established universe.  But it would be more than that. It would be a Shared Universe.

The universe and its canon will eventually be opened up to anyone who wishes to tell their own stories based in the universe  we create.  Think for-profit fan fiction; works published by ASSOCIATE AUTHORS who may develop their own cast of characters and tell a story that dovetails to/with a CORE SERIES of books.  Another comparison might be the video game industry.  The Falcor creators are the architects of a world that game players will be able to create characters that will inhabit the environment and hold their own adventures.

There is a difference however.  A second part, an additional layer to Falcor.  We will also write a CORE SERIES of books that will be the baseline for what is going on within our SHARED UNIVERSE.  A multi-facet, multi-story arc that gives our universe character.  A purpose to tell more stories.  More importantly, it will give ASSOCIATE AUTHORS the ability to write and sell their own stories set within our universe.  A true The Neverending Story!

What kinds of talent is Falcor looking for?  What can I do to help?

We are starting from the ground floor and the needs are many any varied.  Writers, artists, web designers, marketing specialists... anyone willing to give time and effort to the project.  You don't have to be a professional in any particular disciple, if you have skills, I'd be interested in your input.

Naturally we need creative talent who have the ability to write well and tell a good story.  If you have an interest in science fiction and a healthy imagination, you qualify.  The writing will be divided into two separate yet symbiotic disciplines.  We must write the canon for the universe we create and then delve into writing the characters and storyline.  Naturally  as one might expect, I have already mapped out a basic premise and begun work on the initial draft of Book I.

There is a key and aesthetically important aspect to the project that will require some type of artistic renderings for the various publications.  Sketch work, story boarding, oil paintings, computer generated depicitons, all would be a great and necessary addition to the project.  If you have the ability to work in this area, I'd love to hear from you.

Web Design
We are going to be in need (probably desperate need) of a website which will begin as a work site for the members of Falcor and then, at some point, evolve into a site to generate interest of other writers, platform the books we offer, provide information, and ultimately market our collective works.  This is a vital tool so if you have skill sets in this area it will make our lives so much easier since we all live in different parts of the country.

Interested?  What follows is an abridged FAQ which may or may not make things more clear.  I only hope you are not even more confused after the reading!  How rude that would be!

A Shared Universe is a world created with its own history, operational rules, technologies, characteristics and precepts.  It is then shared by other writers (called ASSOCIATE AUTHORS) to use as a backdrop for their own science fiction stories.  Any Associate Author is invited to write and publish manuscripts that maintain a consistency with the Canon of the Shared Universe.

From my pen name, N.K. Peralta, (and author of my first novel/screenplay Boy In The Window) I have begun outlining a series of books that tell the first stories of the people, places, struggles and triumphs which will serve as a stepping off point for all ASSOCIATE AUTHORS.  These CORE BOOKS establish the basic precepts of the universe and introduce the main players and story.  The Core Series will be written in the format of what I call an annotated screenplay and will read, essentially like a film script complete with the universal canon, illustrations, author notes, directorial notes and full character biographies.  The Core Series will present as five successive mini-series, each containing twenty one-hour consistent episodes.  The Core Series books will be published in both ebook and print edition formats via AMAZON KINDLE.

What is CANON?
Canon is the written laws, concepts, doctrine, or accepted understanding of any world, universe or storyline.  Canon sets the rules for the writers.

Here are a couple of examples:  Let's start with something we're all fundamentally familiar with.  Love it or hate it, we all know it.  In the Star Trek universe, it is accepted Canon that crew members or fairly small objects can beam, via a transporter, to a planet surface, to another ship, or from location to location on either the planet surface or aboard ship.  However, there are rules and limitations.  They cannot beam over great distances, if there are shields in place or there are no coordinates for the transporter to reference.  If you were writing for Trek, it would be against canon to have a ship beam itself into another galaxy.  That would violate Roddenberry's original concept and rules of how a transporter beam works.  With respect to characters or plot, again with Trek, the Federation are the good guys and Captain Kirk is a man, not tribble.  He does not have the ability to manifest magic, travel through space on a flying carpet or turn into a bat when he is angry.  These would violate canon.

What are the Core Books and what are they about?
I envision this being a work, a saga of science fiction set 1100 years in Earth's future.  The books focus on a group of college-age fleet cadets who, while working their way through the Astral-Exploration and Military Academy, discover some rather dark secrets, form unlikely friendships and enjoy a little romance in the vastness of space.  I am hoping to have three simultaneous plot lines going throughout the CORE SERIES, each separate yet uniquely tied to the other.  Upon completion of the basic framework for canon, I would like to find some interested and qualified writers to develop the other two story arcs of the CORE SERIES.

Okay, that ought to be enough for you to get the idea of where I am going.  As I said at the beginning, it is a very fluid concept and as more people come on board we may see this morph into something completely different.  In any event, if you would like to share your thoughts or discuss ideas, please contact me by mashing the button below and perhaps we might arrange to have an actual conversation on the Earth-inspired telephonic device.  Thanks for your time today!