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Set eleven hundred years in our future, this gay-centric space opera ushers in a new epoch; man's ability to colonize the stars.  While Earth remains the origin of humankind, for most nation states it no longer serves as home.  From technology and medicine to a singular and stunning evolutionary manifestation in human development, man's existence has seen dramatic change.

But the utopian dream is no longer so easily recognizeable.  The lines between good and evil have become blurred as the various nations and the government that serves them, along with religious and corporate entities, each fight to forward their own agenda.

Epoch: Space follows the Astral-Exploration Fleet and a group of specifically selected cadets, led by eighteen year-old Linus and his boyfriend since early childhood, T.K., through a maze of political intigue, personal struggle, and senseless bloodshed.  These young men and women with their evolutionary mental talents will endeavor to advance the human race in ways previously unimaginable.  Their quest; to prove or disprove the existential question, are we alone in the universe? Does intelligent life exist beyond our own?

With an extensive cast, this character-driven saga is written as an annotated screenplay, an integration of the traditional novel and a series-long teleplay, each episode presented individually.  Additionally, there is a unique twist.  Epoch: Space is an Open Universe.  Much like fan fiction (fanfic) amature and professional authors alike are invited to write and publish their own works within the universe setting created by series author, N.K. Peralta.

Epoch: Space pushes the boundaries of conventional gay fiction and provides a gritty, sometimes dark, and often unapologetic, uncensored look at mankind. In the spotlight are the contributions of the gay and diverse LGBTQ community and how they could play out in human history.

Descriptive male nudity, graphic sex, violence, drug use, language and homoerotic content throughout.