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My Book

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As a gay man, understandably I like stories with a homo-centric theme, especially if they include the naughty bits of human nature.  As a gay author I not only get to read such works, but I can write them as well.  I'm speaking directly to the eroticism that encompasses love and romance as it applies to gay relationships.  That said, I like to tell stories too.

I wrote Boy In The Window: A Gay Youth Coming Out Story under the pen name N.K. Peralta.  A self-published work, get your copy today at, quantities limited, operators are standing by.

This is the story of eighteen-year-old Yosh, a non-traditional, long-haired, progressive Jew and the darkly handsome Omari, a driven Palestinian teenager who has been brought up to hate the Zionists.

When Yosh's father, a captain in the Israeli Defense Force, is relocated from Tel Aviv to an outlying area of Israel, the family packs up and moves as well.  The army has provided them with a nice house, though it's located right on the border with the Palestinian territory.  So much so that the high-walled security barrier cuts through their new backyard!

One evening, Yosh finds himself gazing out the window from his second-story bedroom and witnesses something terrible.  As he watches, he discovers his neighbors across the barrier have a son close to his age, a boy who makes his heart race.

Omari, physically and psychologically abused who has been pressed into service by his domineering father, spots the Jewish boy watching him from his window.  The two begin a rocky relationship as political and religious enemies, but soon discover they have many things in common as well.  Chief among these, they are both secretly and sexually attracted to one another.

From conservative backgrounds and bound by religious convention, gay sex is beyond either of their wildest dreams.  As their friendship strengthens however, and after a midnight rendezvous skinny-dipping in Yosh's backyard pool, they flirt with taboo anyway, pushing the limits as teenage boys are wont to do.

Things quickly begin to unravel for the summer homo-erotic love affair when Yosh discovers Omari's secrets run deeper than just his youthful lust and sexual orientation.  As the boys' clandestine friendship continues to blossom, Omari's father plans an attack against the Jewish soldiers, retaliation for a freedom-fighting youth who had been recently killed in a protest action.

As the new captain responsible for security, it falls to Yosh's father to stop the terroristic cell active in his area.  When Yosh learns his father is planning a raid, one that will surely put his beautiful Omari in danger, he crosses the border in an effort to save his friend.

Suddenly, blood and death begin to follow Yosh as he becomes embroiled in the political conflict and ultimately the inner-workings of the terror cells of Hamas.  Set against a background of homosexual relationships, young love and genuine friendship, the fast-paced and exciting adventure story unfolds in an unexpected climax.  Content: Graphic Language, Violence, Descriptive Male Nudity and Graphic Depictions of Erotica and Sexual Activity.

I am currently working on a series, or at least the concept of a series, a saga of erotic science fiction that is set some eleven hundred years in our future.  If you click to FALCOR you can get the skinny.