Pics of me,  from recent to no-so-recent.

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Well, you've clicked to the second page.  I'll take that as a good sign.  I suppose I should now give a few more details about myself.  This next bit will read like a desperate gay want ad in the back of some tabloid, but it's the nature of this sort of thing so let's jump right in. I'm a new fifty and find that, after half a century of life, I am just beginning to understand what's going on.  The first fifty years were dedicated to figuring out who I was and now that I have some idea, I have to find something to apply that person to.  I won't bore you with my physical stats, some of the pics are recent, I'll let them speak either for or against me.Education:  Some and none at all.  College was fun, but I never got a degree. Sometimes I wonder if the "paper"  is worth the time and money.  It certainly wasn't in my case.Profession:  I owned my own business, a martial arts studio and otherwise traveled about the country doing business model and application consulting for other studios.  I was also in the USAF for a time, right out of high school, and paid my way through the afore mention but unrealized college education as a store detective  (Loss Prevention Manager) for a large retail chain who shall remain nameless.  I now work as a payroll clerk for the institution.Criminally Speaking: Back in 1997 I was adjudicated on charges, enjoyed a stint in the Big House and now am sitting here in this treatment center writing gay novels, beta reading for other writers, playing with my Xbox, watching all manner of DVDs from my science fiction collection and working a few hours to pay the bills.Hobbies: I have two.  Well, I probably have more, but these are central.  I like to write and I like to draw.  I have self-published one title, have another completed and waiting, and am working on a rather ambitious project of a gay-themed science fiction series.  If you are interested, you can click on the FALCOR link.   Also, I like to draw.  I work primarily in the mixed media of graphite and charcoal, but at some point would like to progress to oils.Obsession: I love to write fan fiction (fanfic).  Stories about characters from favorite Movies, Books, or TV Shows.Favorite Color: Really?  Like the prospect of a long and meaningful relationship is somehow hinged on the fact that I prefer magenta over sunflower yellow.  Moving on.Spirituality: I have only recently come to the realization that God can love a practicing and energetic gay person regardless of doctrine that might suggest otherwise. Politics: I can understand if you have always voted republican and simply had the check Trump's name in the interest of long standing tradition.  However, if you sincerely believe and support all of The Donald's stunningly odd statements and absurd positions, we will certainly have to stay away from any political discourse.If you are interested in learning more (and I sincerely hope you are, Write Me!

My pen name is NK Peralta.  My given name is Scott.  Just to avoid confusion, all of my marketing is done under the nome de plume of NK.  It should be said that I do not have regular internet access.  A good friend of mine concepts and maintains my online presence.   I do have unlimited, unrestricted and completely private, unmonitored phone access.  There is something of an email system, but it certainly is not ideal.  Best to go the postal route and then we can move on from there.  Here is my address and no,  in-coming / out-going mail is not read or in any censored!  This isn't that kind of prison.

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